Well restoration

  • Removal of existing equipment from the well
  • Gas well leak test
  • Establishing gas well integrity
  • Installation of geothermal gravity heat pipe

Construction of the above-ground section of the pilot geothermal power plant

  • Construction works
  • Electrical installation and installation of electrical equipment
  • Machine installations and installation of hardware

Technical inspection, modelling and long-term monitoring of trial operations

  • Technical inspection and obtaining an operating licence
  • Geothermal gravity heat pipe heat flow measurements
  • Simulation of the state in the rocks and well, and creation of a mathematical model and computer programme for the simulation of heat flow and mass flow of the heat carrier in the geothermal gravity heat pipe
  • Long-term monitoring of trial operations

Assessment of the geothermal potential of abandoned oil and gas wells in Slovenia, and preparation of guidelines for the development
of projects for the construction of innovative geothermal power plants

  • Mapping of technical potential of abandoned oil and gas wells for construction of geothermal power plants
  • Preparation of guidelines for commercial production of electricity using existing abandoned wells